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How to delete all entries in a Redis list?

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In Redis, you can use the “LTRIM” command to delete all entries in a list. The command takes three arguments: the key, the start index, and the end index.

To delete all entries in a list, you can set the start index to 0 and the end index to -1. This will remove all elements in the list, so it will be empty.

For example, to delete all entries in a list called “mylist”, you can use the following command:

LTRIM mylist 0 -1

You can also use redis-py library to handle deleting all entries in a Redis list.

import redis
r = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0)
r.ltrim("mylist", 0, -1)

You can also use the “DEL” command to delete a key and all its associated values, which will delete all entries in the list.

DEL mylist

It’s important to notice that this command will delete the entire key, so if you also have other data associated with the key, it will also be deleted.

Another option is to use the “LRANGE” command in combination with “LREM” command to remove all items from the list.

LRANGE mylist 0 -1
LREM mylist 0 *

This will retrieve all the items of the list and then remove them all with the LREM command.

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