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How to empty or delete a set in Redis List?

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In Redis, you can use the “DEL” command to delete a set and all its associated values. The command takes one or more keys as arguments, and removes the specified keys along with all their associated values.

For example, to delete a set called “myset”, you can use the following command:

DEL myset

You can also use redis-py library to handle deleting a set in Redis.

import redis
r = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0)

Another option is to use the “SREM” command to remove all the elements of the set one by one.

SREM myset member1 member2 member3

It’s important to notice that the “DEL” command will delete the entire key, so if you also have other data associated with the key, it will also be deleted. Also, using SREM command to remove all elements of the set one by one can be a costly operation in terms of performance, especially when working with large sets.

You can also use the “SINTERSTORE” command with an empty set, this will delete all elements of the set and create an empty set with the same name.


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