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Where is composer json located in Laravel?

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In a Laravel project, the composer.json file is also located in the root directory of the project. Laravel uses Composer for package management, and the composer.json file is essential for specifying the project’s dependencies, autoload settings, and other configuration options.

To find the composer.json file in a Laravel project, follow these steps:

  1. Open your file explorer or code editor.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your Laravel project.
  3. Look for the file named composer.json.

By default, the composer.json file should be present in the main directory of your Laravel project, alongside other files like artisan, app, public, etc.

Keep in mind that if you don’t see the composer.json file in the root directory, it’s possible that your project might not have been set up correctly or could be missing important files. In such cases, you may need to check your project’s structure or create a new Laravel project using Composer if necessary.

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