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How to check the Redis version?

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To check the version of Redis that is currently running, you can use the “redis-cli” command with the “info” command. This command returns a variety of information about the Redis server, including the version number.

You can run the command in the command line by typing:

$ redis-cli info | grep 'redis_version'

This command shows the version of Redis server running, the output will be like this:


You can also check the version of Redis using the redis-server command with the -v option:

$ redis-server -v

This command returns the version of Redis server, the output will be like:

Redis server v=6.2.0 sha=00000000:0 malloc=libc bits=64 build=1f5e5c5e8dccc2f5

In python redis library

import redis
r = redis.Redis()
version =["redis_version"]

This will return the version of Redis as a string, for example, “6.0.8”.

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