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Why yahoo died?

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Yahoo is a pioneer of internet gateway to humans. Before Yahoo, the internet was just some government project or some purposable project. Yahoo humanizes and rationalizes the internet use to make the internet useful in day to day life. Yahoo was founded by two Standford graduates Jerry Yang and David Filo in around 1994.

It was first started with the webpage that has listed so many useful sites for people. At the start of the 2000s, Yahoo grew massively spreading its services from messenger, mails, groups. In the timeline of 2000- 2004 Yahoo even was taking the help of Google to develop its search engine and started acquiring small companies to provide more and more services.

At this point in time, Yahoo started to realize the number of users started to decrease. They were so focused on the quantity of service to be provided for the user that the quality was dying. From the start of 2008, the user started decreasing exponentially and it was a critical time for the company to focus on product and innovative solutions but rather they were much focused on who is CEOing the company. In the timeline of 2008-2012 company faced 6+ CEOs.

That is not the only reason why yahoo had started to fade away. The major reason involves Marissa Mayer’s era of the presidency which starts in 2012. She set a very bad example of leadership and her biggest mistake counts as a Data breach of 1 billion yahoo users which was a historical incident. It seems like, the only good decision the yahoo team ever took was to invest in the stake of Alibaba which was the only cashflow at that time.

On June 8th, 2017 Yahoo was sold to Verizon 4.8 billion whose net worth was once more than 125 billion. And today, yahoo is just a nostalgic moment for, at least, millennials.

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