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How to use adb over wifi on Android without root

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Whenever you are testing your Android App on your phone you have to connect it with the data cable. It is annoying and limits you from testing your app when you don’t have a cable.

Well some phones does give the option of Wi-Fi debugging on root, where you can select wifi-debugging from developer options on your settings. But here we will show you how to use enable adb over wifi without having to root your phone.

Follow these steps to enable wifi-debugging on your android

  1. First of all, enable USB debugging from Settings > Developer Options
  2. Open up cmd on windows, terminal on Mac/linux and type “adb devices”
  3. Run “adb tcpip 5555”
  4. It will show “restarting in TCP mode port: 5555
  5. Now disconnect your phone and go to settings > about phone > status and see the IP address of your phone
  6. Now run “adb connect your_ip_address:5555
    ex: adb connect

And you’re done.

Note: The Wi-fi debugging automatically gets disabled on restart. So if you restart your phone, you will have to follow the steps above from the start.

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