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How to check if a date is between two dates in React JS?

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To check if a date is between two other dates in a React component, you can use JavaScript’s Date object to compare the dates. Here’s how you can do it:

import React from 'react';

function DateRangeChecker() {
  const isDateInRange = (dateToCheck, startDate, endDate) => {
    const checkDate = new Date(dateToCheck);
    const start = new Date(startDate);
    const end = new Date(endDate);
    return checkDate >= start && checkDate <= end;

  const currentDate = new Date();
  const startDate = '2023-08-01'; // Replace with your start date
  const endDate = '2023-08-31';   // Replace with your end date

  const result = isDateInRange(currentDate, startDate, endDate);

  return (
        ? <p>The current date is within the specified range.</p>
        : <p>The current date is outside the specified range.</p>}

export default DateRangeChecker;

In this example, the isDateInRange function takes a date to check, a start date, and an end date as arguments. It converts all the dates to Date objects and then compares the checkDate with the start and end dates to determine if it’s within the specified range.

Replace startDate and endDate with your desired range. The currentDate is used to demonstrate the check, but you can replace it with any date you want to test against the range.

Remember to handle timezones and ensure that the date formats are consistent. If you’re dealing with more complex date manipulation and comparison, you might consider using a library like date-fns or moment.js.

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