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World Cup 2014 posts tops a billion interactions on Facebook

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Fifa World Cup 2014 is a trending topic right now and every one is talking about it. Social medias has made it more easier for people to talk about it. We generally see tremendous amounts of conversations about the game as a Facebook posts where every one is updating their status on who scored the goal, who got the yellow card and every other details. Well, these kind of posts are normal on sporting events but according to Facebook, this specific sporting event has proven to be the only even till now which is able to reach 1 Billion interactions from more than 220 million Facebook users.

This post by Neymar alone has more than 2 Million likes and 70k shares on Facebook making it the most by any player in this World Cup.

While the popularity of this World Cup is topping more and more, we can’t say that it will not reach another billion by the finals of this world Cup.

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