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How to Enable right click on the disabled websites

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There are times when we are visiting websites and we find a very useful content and we try to copy it to store it locally and just when we right click on the page, there pops a message saying “Oops, you cannot do that”. And that is the moment we hate the No kidding!!  but don’t worry, every thing has a way through.
Here we will discuss on how to be able to right click on the sites where it is disabled by the developer. Right click is disabled usually by using Javascript programming language. So what if we disable the javascript from the browser totally. That means we can do whatever we can to the content. Simple Right?
So to do that, you don’t have to learn Javascript , just install a browser addon which disables the javascript for you.
Download the addon for Google Chrome here: Quick Javascript Switcher
Download the addon for Firefox here:
Install it and disable Javascript by clicking on the addon.

That’s it.
Hope you don’t have any restrictions now. 🙂

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