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Where do I find the composer JSON file?

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The composer.json file is typically used in PHP projects that utilize Composer for package management. This file is used to specify the project’s dependencies and other important information required by Composer to manage packages and autoloading.

To find the composer.json file in your PHP project, you should navigate to the root directory of your project (where your main PHP files are located). The composer.json file is usually placed in this directory.

If you’re using a file manager or code editor, you can simply browse to your project’s root directory, and you should be able to see the composer.json file if it exists.

In case you can’t find the file in the root directory, it’s possible that the project might not be using Composer, or it could be located in a different subdirectory. In the latter case, you may have to search through the project’s folders to locate the composer.json file. However, keep in mind that it is most commonly found in the root directory.

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