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TOR Browser – A browser that keeps your identity anonymous

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The Onion Router abbreviated as TOR Browser is a free Software that helps you to browse the internet maintaining anonymity. Tor browser is developed and maintained by the non-profit organization The Tor Project. It conducts research and development regarding only privacy and anonymity. This browser is specially developed to prevent governmental agencies, organizations from tracking your data and your location so you can surf the internet in total privacy and maintaining your anonymity.

So how does it work? Well, the simple idea behind this software is that Tor creates your computer’s connection with thousands of different TOR volunteers around the globe making it really hard for anyone to identify where is the traffic coming from. This will prevent anyone from watching over you and prevent them from learning your physical location which will eventually let you access the sites which are blocked due to physical location restriction.

So should we use it? The main question here is what do you want to use it for. If you just need to log into your Facebook account and view some funny pictures on the net, this browser is not for you. It will just slow down your connection speed. And it is also not suitable if you want to download large files from the internet from the clients such as bit-torrent, it will not keep your privacy and also it will slow down the whole Tor network’s communication. But in other cases such as browsing websites, tor will maintain your privacy.

So if you want to try out Tor browser, it is available for free from the Tor website. Download link below.

Download Tor Browser

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