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Word lens Translator – App that can translate the printed text directly from your camera

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You have certainly seen or heard translation from text to text. But here is an app which can translate a printed language into your language just by scanning it with your phone’s camera, isn’t it cool??
So all you have to do is take out your phone, scan the printed image with your phone camera, and the app will translate the text in real time and without any internet connection. Yes you heard it right, this app works offline. Below is an example of the app, the picture in the left consists of a sign board in the English language, and after using the app, it is translated into Italian in real time. It can be a very useful app for tourists and other who want to learn other languages.
Currently it only supports 6 languages which are:
English to Russian
English to Spanish
English to French
English to Italian
English to German
English to Portugese
Download this app for free on IOS and Android:

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