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How to find the MySQL my.cnf location?

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your operating system and the installation method used. Here are some common locations where the my.cnf file may be located:

  • On Unix-like systems (including Linux and macOS), the my.cnf file is usually located in the /etc directory, or in the /etc/mysql directory if MySQL was installed from a package.
  • On Windows systems, the my.cnf file is usually located in the C:\ProgramData\MySQL directory.
  • If you installed MySQL using the MySQL Installer for Windows, the my.cnf file may be located in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server X.Y directory, where X.Y is the version number of MySQL.

To find the location of the my.cnf file on your system, you can use the mysqld --help --verbose command. This will display a list of all the options and their default values, including the location of the my.cnf file.

You can also check the my.cnf file locations specified in the my.cnf and my.ini files, which are read by the MySQL server when it starts. These files are usually located in the same directory as the my.cnf file.

Alternatively, you can use the SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%cnf%'; command in MySQL to display the locations of all the configuration files that are read by the server. This will include the location of the my.cnf file, as well as any other configuration files that are specified using the !include directive.

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