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From fire to firebase

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I met James Tamplin, cofounder of firebase, today. He was tall, simple, long-haired with a British accent. We were a group of small people waiting for James to start his talk. He entered the room and handshake everyone.

He started his talk by saying what we want to listen to from him. Everyone around said something, likewise, I said I want to hear about his story of 3 startups prior to firebase and what that teaches him to establish Firebase. So I am gonna write about this briefly.

His first attempt was named Keep Security, which is an additional layer of security when people are making payments with credit cards. Embedded in your cellphones and acts as an extra authentication layer and biometric security for smartphones.

Next was SendMeHome. SendMeHome allows users to assign a unique code, called a SendMeHome ID, to any physical item. James shared some rough times he had while working on this one. It was something like the lowest moment of his entrepreneurial journey. Some of them include having to sleep in a beanbag of his friend’s room, skipping a meal, getting out of money to fund his endeavor, odd jobs like teaching high school students a gymnastics.

Next was called, Envolve. A very interesting app that allowed visitors on a website to chat with each other. On the same timeline here, I have read this on the internet about James had this terrible accident on fire. Someone threw gas at their car and their whole garage and house burnt down. He was taken to hospital and he was immediately taken hospital with smoke inhalation.

But that didn’t stop his flame for his passion. Then, James and his friend move to San Fransisco. Then, their determined success started. They got their users increased. They get themselves a huge working space. They were acceptable in the very prestigious Y combinator program in San Francisco. They were pitching Envolve in prestigious stages.

And here comes, Firebase. They launched firebase in 2012 which was quoted in Forbes magazine as “Dropbox for apps”. Firebase was acquired by Google in 2014. It was a big expansion on google I/O 2016.

James talking in Google I/O 2016

There are a lot of things James told in between this journey and the most important one was “Know your users, it’s more important than anything. Invest more time on knowing your audience. I think it was the major thing what we did in firebase”

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