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Inventions that change the whole world

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1) Steam Engine
The engine can perform mechanical work by using steam. In the steam engine, the boiler part expands under certain pressure and the part of the heat is converted into mechanical work. This is most widely used in so many mechanical engines. The concept of using steam for power output had been around since always but James Watt in 1769 added separate condenser to existing engines and also rotatory model for efficiency and rest is history.

2) Telephone
We all know that Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone, we have at least memorize his name for inventing telephone in our primary schools. Bell was a professor for deaf students at Boston University. Telephone was one of the inventions which is outcome of different ways to teach them. And, he started to research on transmitting sound via electricity. 1876 was the year where it happened.

3) Airplanes
The foundation for today’s aeronautical engineering is built in 1903, when Wright Brothers invented powered, sustained and controlled the airplane. It was two world wars and 50-years of the cold war that gave aeronautical engine major boost. Wright flyer, 4 cylinder was first engine to fly.

4) Alternating Current
Nikola Tesla is the electric engineer and scientists known for designing Alternating currents. Alternating current systems can use transformers to change voltage from low to high level and back, allowing generation and consumption at low voltages but transmission, possibly over great distances, at high voltage, with savings in the cost of conductors and energy losses.

5) Analytical Engines (Computers)
It wasn’t computer when Charles Babbage invented what we call computers today. It was analytical engines that can perform mathematical operations and equations. In 1940s the electronic computer was first developed.

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