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Facebook preparing the 2020 presidential election

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Since facebook is struggling through many security trust issues here are a list of keynotes that it is doing to prepare for election 2020:

  1. Took down networks of fake accounts tied in Russia and Iran with inauthenticity behavior.
  2. Will be a grey blurred screen with label “false content” for false information post.
  3. Launch of the new tool, “facebook protect”, secure account for elected officials, candidates and their staffs.
  4. Ban ads that give the idea of voting are useless or suggest not to vote.
  5. Ads about political issues can be posted by the confirmed page only.
  6. Making the page more transparent and show the label for confirmed owner only.
  7. Fact-checking labels to prevent misleading information.
  8. Helping people understand the information they see online.

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