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How to Buy Domain, Hosting and SSL in Nepal using Khalti

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Buying Domain Name and hosting in Nepal surely was a hassle due to lack of proper International Gateways. We had to rely on Friends and Families abroad or some third party registrars in Nepal.

The scenario is changing slowly with the introduction of various companies providing such services with Full Client Portal and local Payment Gateway options. Now you can easily purchase Domains, Hosting, SSL and other online services directly using Local Payment Gateways like Khalti, eSewa, iPay, nPay.

And on this post, we are going to discuss briefly how you can buy Domains and Hosting including SSL in Nepal using Khalti Wallet. One good thing about Khalti Wallet is, it integrates various ebanking services in their system. So, you can buy the online services if you have ebanking enabled in any of their partner banks.

Follow the steps to buy Domain, Hosting and SSL in Nepal using Khalti

  1. To buy Domain and Hosting, visit and choose the domain of your choice.
  2. You can choose Hosting of your choice on the next step
  3. After that, you can add your Contact Information and Register your Account and select “Khalti Payment Gateway” as your preferred payment option
  4. You can either pay with ebanking of your choice or you can use your Khalti Funds.
  5. After the payment is complete, your domain and hosting is instantly set up and you have full control of your domain and hosting on the client portal



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