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Dublr – Now Dub your voice over popular videos

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A Kathmandu Based Company Fawesome Apps has launched a new app Dublr where you can dub your own voice over popular videos. Heard of Dubsmash right? Well, this app is just the opposite of that popular app where you can dub your video over popular audio clips.

You will be presented with a list of videos and you can select the one you want and start dubbing your voice. Just think how cool would it be to dub your voice on the video of Rishi Dhamala. šŸ˜‰ Ā If the available videos are not enough, you can also upload your own videos on the app and start dubbing on it. Well lets fill our news feed with creative videos made with this app, theĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless.

The App is available for Free at the Google Play Store and according to the founder Mr. Anish Shrestha, the IOS App is going to be available very soon.

Dublr – Free at Google Play Store | IOS [Coming Soon]
Visit Dublr Website

Fawesome Apps Website

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