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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 : new features, screenshots, how to get it

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Microsoft announced its next operating system named Windows 10 today. Yes you read it correct, the new OS is named Windows 10 not windows 9 which was in the rumors all around. Microsoft claims Windows 10 to be a giant leap for windows operating system from 8.

According to Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive VP of operating systems, ”Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of devices. A tailored experience for each device.” One way of writing a universal application which will work on all devices.

New Features
This new version of Windows OS comes with lots of improvements and enhancements. Let’s discuss some of the major changes and enhancements Windows 10 provides.

  • Return of the Start Menu
    Since the beginning of Metro apps on Windows 8, Microsoft has said goodbye to our all-time favorite start menu. But with Windows 10 you get the new Start Menu which combines the aspects of both windows 7 and Windows 8 kind metro apps. The new start menu provides you with customizable options for your favorite apps and live tiles.
  • Everything runs in a window(even metro apps)
    This feature may benefit lots of users including me as I personally didn’t like metro apps taking full screen or certain percentage of the screen. Now you can run the metro apps just like you windows other desktop applications and move and resize the applications wherever you want. The apps will also include title bars like the desktop applications which include minimize, maximize and close buttons.
  • Smart Snap Enhancements
    When you drag a window to any part of the screen, the new windows will automatically show other apps suggestions on filling the vacant screen space with other apps. It will make your multitasking more easy than before.
  • New Task view
    With the new windows 10 you will get a new task-view button to quickly switch between the open apps.
  • Multiple desktops
    Now you can create multiple desktop screens for different purposes and easily switch between them and continue from where you left off.

How to get the new Windows 10?

Currently, only the Technical preview of Windows 10 is available for download to PC experts and tech enthusiasts. To get your copy of Technical Preview of Windows 10 you have to sign up on the Windows Insider Program.

If you want to avoid risks of getting tons of bugs and want the final release of Windows 10 then we do not recommend you to use this Technical Preview. The official final release is expected to roll out later in 2015.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

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