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How to make your Android Smartphone Faster

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Android smartphones are faster when new but slowly starts to lag when you start using it for some duration without proper maintenance. So here are few ways on how to properly maintain your phone and make it faster.

1. Be up to date

Whenever you get the notification from your device manufacturer or your firmware about the update of the firmware just do it. Don’t hesitate to be updated as it contains most of the bug fixes and other enhancements which will surely make your device run faster.

2. Uninstall and disable unused apps

Plenty of apps keep running in the background even if you don’t need it, so checking and uninstalling the apps you do not use will certainly make your device run faster. There are few apps which comes with the phone and you cannot uninstall but you can easily disable them and prevent it from running in the background without your consent. To disable a app, go to settings > Apps > Running tab and click on the app you want to uninstall or disable and click on Uninstall or Disable.

3. Turn off or reduce animations

If you are not aware about the custom animation settings then you can change the settings for animations on Developer options. By default it is not enabled on your phone so to enable it just go to settings > About phone scroll below and you will see a option “Build Number” tap on it for seven times ( Yes 7 times) and you will see a message about you being a developer. Now just go back and go to Developer options and find windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. Open it one by one and set it to 0.5x or turn it off.

4. Turn off Auto-Sync

Most of you may have turned on the Auto-Sync on Various apps. It has a huge effect on your battery life and your phone’s performance so it will be wise to turn it off. If turning it off is not suitable for you then you might want to consider to reduce the update frequency so that it will not eat your battery life and reduce phone’s performance. To turn auto-sync off go to settings > Accounts > and find the Auto-Sync option and turn it off.

5. Factory Reset your phone

Factory Resetting your phone will erase everything from your phone and turn it into the original state of your phone. Although it is a big step because it wipes out all your settings, files but it is recommended to do it once in a while because it clears all the necessary files and datas from your phone and keep it in top performance. To do Factory reset just go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset.

6. Overclock your device

There are several devices in the market which have the same processors but their performances vary. It is because OEM’s limit the speed of the processors on the device to reduce heat and enhance battery life. If you have rooted your device or planning to root, then you can overclock your CPU using third party apps available in the market such as SetCPU. Please proceed with caution.

7. Install custom rom

A custom Rom is a version of Android which is not officially provided by your device manufacturer. There are plenty of Custom Rom’s which has various benefits over your device official Rom. So it is recommended you search for a better Rom and install it in your device. You have to root your device to install Custom Rom. Please proceed with caution as not rooting your phone properly may brick(malfunction) your phone.

8. Clear cached data

Cached data is useful for apps to load more quickly, but it can take up much more space on your device in some duration of time. So it is recommended to clean it time to time. You can clear the cache of each app by going to settings > apps > and clicking on individual app and tapping “clean cache“. Or you can directly clean the cache from all the apps together by going to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached data and tap Ok. There are other third party apps for similar tasks such as CCleaner, Clean Master¬†which can do your task.

Well, this is our list on How to Make your android phone Faster. If you have any other suggestions do comment below.


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