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How to get Android L style Dialer

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Since the developer preview launch of Android L on the recent Google I/O conference, every app can be seen influenced by the new Material design. Many have seen the beautifully designed dialer of the new Android L but most of us cannot get our hands on the Android L as it is only launched for few Nexus devices as a developer Preview as for now.

But if you want to go one step ahead and want to have an Android L style looks on your Android device, we have a tip for you. Follow these steps and make your Device’s dialer look like Android L’s dialer.

  1. Download and install ExDialer from Google Play store.
  2. Download and install ExDialer Theme Android L.
  3. Now go to ExDialer’s settings>Preferences>Themes and select “Android L” from the list.
  4. Now go to Preferences>Appearance and Use Theme Font>On
  5. Display ABC-OFF
  6. ABC at right-OFF

And you’re done. Enjoy the Android L Dialer interface with ExDialer.

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