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Best Note & Voice recorder app for Android

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If you are that kind of person who frequently needs to take notes and voice recordings then this app is perfect for you. There are plenty of voice recording apps on the Play store but this app excels them all. Cogi is a free and ad-free app for Android which allows you to record the important part of your meetings or your class lectures without being distracted from the actual lectures and discussions.

Some of it’s best features are listed below:

  • Simple tap to record and tap to pause button to record flawlessly.
  • Doesn’t have a record limit. i.e, it can record continuously until you run out of your storage.
  • Write notes while recording
  • Take photographs while recording.
  • Record continuously even if the screen is locked or you are using another app.
  • Share the recording via Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Email.

This app is filled with the right features which power boosts your note keeping experience but it is not without few drawbacks. This app records audio in high quality and it does not save the recorded file to external storage so you may face problems if you have very less memory space on your phone.

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