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Groopic – An app to take group photos without needing third person

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When you go out with your group or with your partner and you need to capture your group photo and there is always a condition when you can’t find any strangers around and one person always has to sacrifice and be the camera person. Well, worry no more. Groopic, an app by the developers from Pakistan will make it easier to capture your group photo with the camera person in it.

To take a group photo, the first person will capture the group photo keeping a vacant space for him. And then the second person will come and hold the camera without moving while the cameraman goes to the vacant space which he created earlier. The second person will now align the frame with the first photo and capture the group photo again. Now the app will smartly align these two images together and output a very convincing photo of your group.

Groopic is available for free on both Android and IOS but in the free version, Groopic only let’s you share a low resolution photo. You need to pay $0.99 to save a high resolution photo to your phone memory.

Groopic for Android
Groopic for IOS

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