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Google+ will paint your face with the team you are supporting on FIFA 2014

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What? Really? How? These were the same questions in my head earlier today when I heard about Google+ painting our face with our favorite teams on Fifa World Cup 2014. But yeah, it’s true. But the thing is, it will not paint our faces in real but in our photos we upload on Google+. So how can we paint our faces of our favorite teams?? Here’s how.

  • Upload a photo of yourself and up to 4 friends who would like their faces painted.
  • Share it on Google+ with the hashtag #paintCOUNTRYNAME, replace the COUNTRNAME with the team you are supporting. Suppose you are supporting Brazil then share your photo with the hashtag #PaintBrazil. You can find the list of all the countries and their hashtags below. 
  • Wait for a while and check back again in few minutes. Your faces will be painted with the flags of your favorite teams.

You can explore the face paints of other supporters by visiting the specific hashtags. For example, you can visit the supporters of Brazil by visiting the Hashtag #PaintBrazil

List of the all the teams and their hashtags.

Note: It is an Auto Awesome effect by Google+ that is added to your photo. If you would like to revert the changes then click on the photo and open it > click More > Revert to Original

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