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Nokia launches it’s own Android launcher – Zlauncher

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After few months of launching android phones in the smartphone market, Nokia have just created it’s own launcher named Z-launcher last wednesday. It’s a predictive Android launcher which means that the launcher will work according to your habits of opening your apps and fetches the right content at your home screen.

For those unfamiliar what Launcher is, it is an application which replaces the default home screen and the appdrawer with it’s own custom home screen and app tray. One of the features of Z launcher is that instead of going to the app drawer to open a app, you can simply draw the first letter of the name of the app on the home screen and that app will open up.

On a official blog Nokia wrote about how hard it is to search and find the right app on your phone and Z-launcher aims to solve the problem with its predictive Android Launcher.

The app is still in it’s alpha and the download limit has already been crossed so hope the public will get our hands on the launcher soon.
Image Courtesy: Android Central

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