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Learn how to search better in Google Search

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Google is the World’s biggest and most reliable Search engine. But are you getting what you are searching for? If not, then you maybe doing it wrong. Here are few Google search tips and tricks which will refine your search and help to get you the specific data you are searching for.

  • keyword
    Searches directly for any keyword in that website. For ex: google search
  • define: text
    It quickly defines the word you entered after the keyword define.
  • calculations
    You can do direct calculations by entering the calculation such as 3*245 and google will quickly reply your answer
  • allinurl:keyword
    Shows the list of website only containing the keyword. For ex: allinurl:tech will fetch the results only of the websites containing the word tech.
  • inurl:keyword
    just like allinurl but filters the url based on the first term only
  • allintitle:keyword
    Shows the results only containing the keyword in the title of the page.
  • intitle:keyword
    Same like allintitle but fetches only for the first word
  • cache:url
    Shows the Google cached version of the url you typed.
  • info:url
    This will show you the information of the site, webpages similar to the site, backlinks to the site.
  • link:url
    Lists of the site that links to the url you gave
  • related:url
    lists the site that are similar to you site.
  • filetype:filetype
    Searches you the specific filetype for your search. For Example: “engineering books filetype:pdf” will fetch all the results with the pdf file types.
  • site:url “+url”
    It will fetch the results of the pages of your site which are indexed by Google. For example: “” will get me the results of the pages which are indexed by google for techradiant.
  • allintext:keyword
    It will fetch the results of the pages which only contains the keyword in it’s text of page, not in the links or title of the page.
  • allinlinks: keyword
    Same as allintext but it only searches for the keyword in links

    More information about the Google search coming on the next part. Till then enjoy searching


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