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5 Google tools you may not know about

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Many of us know Google as a Search engine but it has lots of applications which you may not be aware of. We are presenting 10 of them in this post. Enjoy 🙂


1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a very useful tool specially for someone who needs to get updated information on specific topic. Google Alert is an email update service by Google for more relevant news,images,videos as per your query. You have to specify your query and you can choose how often to get an email and also get to choose about the location, languages etc.

2. Get your business online

Get your business online is an initiative by Google to help small business by getting them on the web and grow their business even more with the help of web. This service includes free hosting for a year.


3. Webmasters tools

If you own a website then you must know about Google Webmasters tools. If not, it is one of the most powerful tool to monitor your site’s performance, health and to know about how it is doing on the web. There are lots of features for your site such as search queries reports, site health, Structure data markup helper, crawl the site, improve the SEO and much more.


4. Google Keep

Google keep is a very light-weight note keeping application by Google. One of the best features of Google keep is that it syncs with your Google Drive and is available for Android and on Chrome web store. You can save notes, record sounds and even add to do lists.


5. Google Sky

Google sky is a part of the Google Earth and it allows you to explore the space from your computer or mobile phone. It shows the images using telescope with a collaboration with NASA.



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