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Get tabbed browsing on your windows explorer Google Chrome style

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If you have the habit of working with multiple windows open on your explorer then this windows application might ease your work for you. Just like Google Chrome, this application Clover will make your windows explorer into a tabbed browsing interface. It also has the feature to bookmark a most frequent tab. After you have saved the bookmark you can browse it just like you do on Google Chrome.

It has similar shortcuts to Google Chrome for tabbed browsing. Some are

  • Ctrl+T : Opens a new tab
  • Ctrl+d : Bookmarks the current tab
  • Ctrl+w : Close the tab
  • Ctrl+tab : Switch tabs

Currently this application is only for Windows xp/7 and 8. If you want to make your windows browsing more productive with tabbed browsing, download clover from it’s website.


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