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5 Best Android apps for Music

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There are plenty of Apps for your smartphone on the Market. You may like your phone’s default apps or you want to try many other apps which are available to play the music on your phone and your tablet. So here we are presenting 5 of the best apps to listen to music on your Android device.

1. Poweramp Music Player


Poweramp is a very simple yet very Powerful app to play music. It has got lots of features for anyone who wants good music player for his phone which includes varieties of file format support, equalizer, gapless, crossfade and much more. This app comes as a 15 day trial and there is much more chance that you will like it.
Give it a try. Download Poweramp

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is not just a music player, it is a very powerful app for a music enthusiast where you can listen to new original upcoming songs, create your own playlist and record your own songs and share them for others to listen.
Download SoundCloud

3. Google Play Music

Google play music is a very powerful app which lets you explore millions of songs on your Android and the web. You have unlimited access to the songs, listen to radio with no limits and access the playlist created by the music experts. All your music will be stored online so you can access it from anywhere.
Download Google Play Music

4. DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

Dj Studio is a very powerful virtual dj turntable which enables you to remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music just from your android device. It is a free app and very user friendly. Give it a try.
Download DJ Studio 5 – Free music Mixer

5. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a free app from passionate music experts which enables you to listen and discover the perfect music for any moment with hundreds of music stations and millions of songs to listen to. You can subscribe to ad free, off-line and on demand access to millions of songs on the go.
Download Slacker Radio 

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