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Completely close Metro apps in windows 8.1

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Since the giant leap from windows 7 to windows 8 and windows 8.1 there has been many changes in the way of interaction with the OS including confusion regarding how to close an app. Windows 7 was easy for everyone where just hitting the close button at the top right of the app was enough to close that app completely but starting from windows 8.1 just hitting the close button or swiping down the app from the top does not close the app completely.

To know whether the app has been closed completely or not, you can check the task manager just after closing the app. It is still running there. So here we provide two ways to close the app completely.
 The first one is the good old technique of using the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4. Yes, you may not have guessed that, but using this shortcut will completely close the app. You can cross check that in the task manager later.

Another technique is suitable for touch screen users or who do not want to use keyboard shortcut to close the app. Here’s what you can do. Swipe down the application from the top to the bottom and hold it right at the bottom, don’t release it until the small thumbnail of that app flips over and just let it go. The app will close down completely. 

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