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5 Apps to make your Smart phone even more smarter

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Having a smart phone is not only enough. Your smartphone is called smart because it has the capabilities of a computer but is it only enough? There are millions of apps for your android devices on the app store but we have selected few apps which can really make your android phone smartest thing in your pocket.

1. Gravity Screen

Gravity Screen is such kind of app which will automatically turn your screen on when you put your phone out of our pocket and locks the screen automatically when you put your phone inside your pocket. Amazing isn’t it? This app will relieve you from pressing the power button on and off each time you have to use your phone. So how does it work? Well it monitors your phone’s orientation with the gravity sensor. The proximity sensor is activated to determine whether it is covered. If yes it turns the screen off because it will think that you have put your phone inside the pocket.

This app can be downloaded for free from the app store. There is a paid version which have few more features than the free version.

2. Nights Keeper


 Nights Keeper is really a keeper as it allows you to filter your contacts on who can call you or text you during your sleeping hours. So no more disturbance while sleeping at night. You can choose your custom profile and it will automatically silent your calls for you.

IFTT i.e, ‘If this then that’ is a very powerful app which can let user enable different web based services and do certain kind of tasks. To be more clear, suppose you want to download the photos which you have been tagged on facebook, or you want to automatically save it on your google drive or dropbox. For this, you can simply turn on a recipe which can automatically download the tagged photos on facebook to dropbox. Similarly there are lots of recipe’s to try on. One of my best is, 500px popular photo as my phone wallpaper. You sure gonna love it.

You have certainly seen or heard translation from text to text. But here is an app which can translate a printed language into your language just by scanning it with your phone’s camera, isn’t it cool??
So all you have to do is take out your phone, scan the printed image with your phone camera, and the app will translate the text in real time and without any internet connection. Yes you heard it right, this app works offline. Below is an example of the app, the picture in the left consists of a sign board in the English language, and after using the app, it is translated into Italian in real time. It can be a very useful app for tourists and other who want to learn other languages.
Currently it only supports 6 languages which are:
English to Russian
English to Spanish
English to French
English to Italian
English to German
English to Portugese
Do you often use your PC remotely? If yes, then this is the right app for you. Chrome Remote Desktop helps you to securely access your computer from your mobile device. To use remote desktop first set up remote access by using Chrome Remote desktop app from chrome web store.
And then just open the app and connect your online computers.

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