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Host your own website using Google Drive

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Almost every online users must have used Google drive for basic files storage or to share some documents and spreadsheets with your classmates and colleagues. But today we are going to talk about an extra feature of Google Drive which we may not have thought of. Google drive is popular for cloud file storage, but today we are going to learn how to host your website using Google Drive.

Before we begin there is something to know about website hosting on Google Drive, i.e, Although we can use languages such as html, css, javascript which are user side scripting language, we cannot use programming languages which need server side scripting such as PHP.

Okay assuming you have a google account. Let’s begin

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Create a Public Folder
  • Put all your website data on that folder
  • Open and preview the index.html file and you are done.

Making a folder public

To make the folder, right click on that folder, click share>share and click on “change” below “who has access” and make it to public.

To open and preview the html file

First click one the index.html file and click on “open” which is at the bottom right corner of the screen. When the editor opens just click the “preview” button which is at the top bar.

And yes, you are done. Look at the adress bar, the link looks like this.

That is the web url of your website. You can use various url shortner or url redirections to make your site address look systematic. I suggest you use Google url shortener.

Note: Always use the url of the index.html else you will see the folder view of your folder, not the web page. And if you want to host your site with custom domain name, Google drive does not support hosting with custom nameservers.


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