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Xtreamer multi-console Review

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Xtreamer is a leading company regarding making of products to turn your tv into a full HD media player. Now it has  launched a very compact set-top box for your tv which can replace almost each and every thing plugged in on your tv. The Xtreamer console runs on a Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean and comes with 1.66 Quad-Core Cortex A9 Processor and a Quad-Core Mali 400 Graphics Processor. It has 2GB Ram and 16GB internal memory and is expandable using SD Card also supports MMC Card. This Android based device can play HD games, play HD movies, play music, wirelessly direct your content to your TV if your phone supports DLNA.
This device can literally turn your tv with an HDMi port into a smart tv. It comes with an 802.11 b/g/n Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.0GHz) so you can connect your device to internet and stream live videos, music even you can call your friends and families using VOIP apps such as Skype. Since this device runs on Android, you have access to millions of your favourite apps for Music, Videos, Tv’s, radio, television shows, etc. Just install the apps from the playstore and you are on the go. The device supports a webcamera but doesn’t come included. So you have to buy one in order to have a video chat.
You can play all the games available on Android using your Xtreamer Multi console on your tv. The game plays superfine with a 2GB of ram and a Quad-core Mali 400 Graphics. You can use an extrenal gaming console to play the games but one is not included with the Multi-console. You can also play Playstation,PSP,SEGA,Nintendo, Game Boy Advance games on your multi-console. All you need to do is install few Emulators and you are ready to go.
Since entertainment and gaming is not the only thing for you, your work matters too. You can use Xtreamer Multi-console to do tasks regarding your office,school,college or your daily works which requires pc. There are millions of apps on the app store to assist you with that. Just install the right apps on your console and you can use this console as a mini-pc right on your tv sitting on your comfy sofa. You can also connect external keyboard and mouse and work.
Xtreamer Multi-console comes with a wireless remote control with a rechargeable battery. This device is compact yet powerful tool to turn your tv into a smart tv with lots of features even your smart tv cannot deliver.
You can buy this console directly from with a free shipping. If you already bought this device or planning to buy this, you can leave a comment below or ask us if you have any questions. Video review coming out soon.

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