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Microsoft cuts the price of Surface Pro 2

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While Microsoft is planning the release of Surface Pro 3, it is rolling out cuts in the prices of Previous Surface Pro 2. If you were thinking of buying one, then it is the right time. The prices of Surface Pro 2 has been cut of by $100 and $200 sold in the US. The 64GB Surface Pro 2 I5 model now costs $799 instead of $899 and the 512GB model now costs $1,599 instead of $1,799.
Company introduced the Surface Pro 3 in May 20 in New York city and the main base line was “Surface Pro 3 will replace your laptop”. The surface Pro 3 comes in 3 versions core i3,core i5 and core i7 and it is already available for pre-order and currently the shipping has already started for pre-ordered devices.

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